Светофильтры эффектные B+W 72 мм (в ассортименте)

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Градиентный прозрачно красный светофильтр B+W 590 #63910 

B+W Graduated Filter Red 590 - 45$

This graduated filter is often referred to as the “sun-set filter”, because it can simulate a missing red sky in the evening or in the morning or to enhance one that is too pale when the line of sight is towards the sun. By the sea or by a lake, the horizon line should be positionedhighenoughfortheredportionofthe filter also to cover the reflection in the water.

Градиентный прозрачно фиолетовый светофильтр B+W 543 #63839 

B+W Graduated Filter Violet 543 - 45$

With grazing light and a sparse exposure, this gradu-atedfilterwithitssomewhatunnaturalcolorcan produce a ghostly, macabre moonlight effect. So it is more suitable for abstractions rather than enhance-ments of natural moods. An interesting effect can be achieved by using it in combination with the graduated green filter 56¡ for the lower half of the image.

Градиентный прозрачно зелёный светофильтр B+W 561 #63882 

B+W Graduated Filter Green 561 - 45$

Because of its vegetation color, this graduated filter is especially suitable for the lower half of an image whenusedincombinationswithothergraduated filters that are being used to darken or to alter the color of the sky. With such filter combinations, the TTLexposure metering should be performed with the filters in position on the lens.

Спектрально расщепляющий фильтр B+W Spectra 48x  648 #64246 - 45$

Спектрально расщепляющий фильтр B+W Spectra Spot  603 #64126 - 40$

Призматически расщепляющий фильтр B+W 3x Prism  620 #77404 - 50$

Призматически расщепляющий фильтр B+W 5x Prism  625 #77419 - 50$

Линейно расщепляющий фильтр B+W 6x Cross Screen  686 #64400 - 48$

The star pattern produced by this screen is similar to that of the 4x and 8x, except that it generates 6 beams from light sources and reflections at an angle of 60° to one another. The light rays emanate right from the light sources.


Насадочная линза для макросьёмки B+W (5 диоптрий)  NL5 #76656 - 42$

With +5 diopters, the NL 5 serves for the seamless extension of the range provided by the NL 3 close-up lens on a 35mm main lens (up to appr. 1:3.5). If you can tolerate a small gap after the NL 2 close-up lens on a 50mm main lens (appr. 1:4.4 to 1:4), then you enter a little further into the macro range with the NL 5 instead of the NL 4 (up to appr. 1:2.6).

B+W close-up filters (diopters) are a single element design. 

Each glass surface is vacuum coated with one layer of Anti-Reflection coating. This single layer helps to prevent internal ghosting and reflections. It also improves light transmission from approximately 92% (uncoated glass) to over 98%.


Руководство по светофильтрам B+W. C картинками, описанием и примерами применения.

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Оправа всех фильтров стальная, чёрная.

Данные светофильтры произведены в Германии (концерном Schneider Optical Works in Bad Kreuznach).

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